5 Tips To Get Started With Everest Email


1. Go Through Each Option

Get to know Everest. With numerous options, oftentimes some functionalities can be missed – especially with Hubspot’s modules. Sometimes a tiny little checkbox has yuuuuge potential.

2. Use Our Width Formulas

The very first module is your PRIMARY EMAIL SETTINGS. Here are some amazing things you can do with this ON THE FLY

  • Change the width of the entire email. No longer are you boxed in with hubspot’s email settings. Sometimes, an email needs its own settings.
  • Change the padding.
  • Image widths are effected by those two main settings. That’s why we provided you with these image formulas

1 Col Image Formula

(EmailWid / 1)-(PadWid x 2)

2 Col Image Formula

(EmailWid / 2)-(PadWid x 2)

3 Col Image Formula

(EmailWid / 3)-(PadWid x 2)

For example, if I chose an email width of 700 and 30px of padding, then my formula would be (700/3) – (30 x 2) = 173. SCRAP THE DECIMALS & ALWAYS ROUND DOWN. 

3. Know Your Row Settings Module

The email’s default content settings will be replaced with the module’s default settings when you open and save each module.

By default, each row will have these settings:

  1. Column Number: 1
  2. Spacer Top: 20
  3. Spacer Bottom: 20
  4. Boxed Layout? unchecked
  5. Boxed Top Padding: 20
  6. Boxed Bottom Padding: 20
  7. Background Color: #1b344a
  8. Background Image? unchecked
  9. Background Image Module
  10. Text Color: #ffffff
  11. Boxed Background Color: #333333

4. Know This Hubspot Quirk

When in doubt, save and REFRESH THE PAGE. For example, if you choose/apply a different column setting, the content will not be editable until you refresh.

5. Use Our Button Snippets

We provide button snippets that work across all platforms. Each button is designed with progressive enhancement and works with Everest’s powerful css. See our buttons snippets here.