1. What You Can Do

Everest can:

2. What To Expect

Now you do not have to go to you email editor and create templates for minor changes to each email. You do not need a separate template for two columns, or 3 rows with different column numbers. Forget about that and just choose Everest for your email.

3. Limitations: Why & What To Do

Two limitations come to mind.

  1. Live Editing for Header & Footer Content: You must change your header and footer content in the edit modules section (in the left-hand sidebar).
  2. Also, we opted not to use color picker modules. This kept the module editor menu clean. A workaround for a color picker would be something like ColorZilla for chrome or firefox.

4. Full Width or Boxed Email Capabilities

One frustration with Hubspot’s default template is no ability to have a full-width section. Everest makes it possible in Hubspot. You can combine your rows to be a boxed email, or use a combination of full-width sections and boxed sections (as shown in the video).

5. Packed with tips

The email has default content that will help you along the way. Change columns and you’ll see what we mean.