General Questions

How do I change default content?

People may want to do this in certain situations. For example, you might get frustrated having to set your logo for every email. The quick solution is to copy an email you’ve already created. Another way (a bit more complicated) is to change the default content of the template. This requires changing content in TWO places.
  1. Change it in the custom modules that the template requires. Search for “Everest Email” and they will show up.
  2. This is kind of optional: Change the default content injected in the hubl code of the actual template. You will see a bunch of if-then statements that set variables available to default content. Change each instance to reflect what you did in step one. If this gets too complicated, then fear not. Once you go into each module in the email editor, save it. You will see the template reflect what you originally set in your module.

Can I use a color picker?

Hubspot has does not allow custom modules to have a color picker. You have to have the color picker as its own module and separate from the row styles. Because that was a confusing clutter of options, we recommend using a browser extension called colorzilla.
It is available as a Chrome Extension and a Firefox Add-on.

Why aren't my colors working?

Make sure you insert the correct full 6 digit hex code. Email clients will sometimes act wonky with a 3 digit hex code.
Another common problem we’ve seen are hex codes without the “#” symbol. Make sure to enter the valid hex code.


Why is there random spacing on some images?

Sometimes the WYSIWYG editor will put an image in an html tag. See below. Notice the img is in an h3 tag. You may have to manually move the img out of the html tag.

We are exploring a way to do this with a script. Unfortunately there are some limitations with Hubspot’s platform; however, its pro’s definitely outweigh it’s cons.

Why are images huge in Outlook?

Sometimes this may happen, we think we have worked out most bugs in the template for this. If it does manage to happen, do the following:

  1. click on the image in the editor
  2. you will see 4 blue dots on the corners, click on one and drag to make the image slightly smaller
  3. click and drag again to make the image the same size that it was

This is a little work around that will make Hubspot’s editor add some cool code to the image.

Background Image Questions

Why is my image repeating?

You will notice it repeating if your image is too small. Upload a larger image (the recommended size is 1800px or greater).
Here are some more best practices for email background images.
  • Plan on your email looking good without it. Think of background images as the cherry on top, rather than the foundation of your email design.
  • Know that not all email clients play nice with background images.
  • Patterns and simple backgrounds work best.
  • Email clients do not give you control of the css property background-position.

Why won’t my image get smaller? I tried making it smaller, but the sizing does not change.

The code in the template only takes advantage of the image source – not the width or height. To keep options nice and neat, we chose to use custom modules for the email template. And custom modules give you a non-optional width and height field. This can be confusing. Think of background images as setting the “src” attribute, and forget about those extra options.

Why doesn’t it show up in Outlook and some email clients?

Long story short – not all email clients support the use of background images.
That’s why you need to design with the approach of progressive enhancement, a particular email design strategy to have it look as good as it can in each email client. You can thank Microsoft and Google for your many future frustrations ?

Why doesn’t my text show when the background image doesn't?

Make sure you set your row’s background color. Often times when an email client like Outlook does not support background images, your text is the same color as your background because you forgot to set the row’s background color.

What is the best kind of image to use?

Make sure it is
  • large
  • landscape
  • simple
  • not too busy
  • dark or light enough to have your text legible on all device sizes
  • did we mention simple?


Why is my font not working in some email clients?

Not every email client uses font imports. Read more at Campaign Monitor’s blog if you’re curious.

Why do I have weird letter spacing?

It is possible your text retained an inlined style from the WYSIWYG editor. Use the clear styles function (Style -> Clear styles).
If that does not work, click the source code button in the editor (it has the <> symbol). Put your html hat on and erase any style attributes that you do not want.